Six years of working as a beatmaker and a mixing engineer, Taiga has been dealing with a great variety of music genres. He teamed up with various beat makers and sound engineers all over the world working on the products from the scratch. Tends to think that there is no music that is bad, there’s only good or bad sound of it. Preferred music – popular, underground, dance. Co-founder of Smartmixing.com


Six years of working experience at various recording studios. Max has collaborated with major labels and artists around the world. Became a beta-tester of Steinberg products since 2016. Being passionate about music, Max tends to create a commercial product of the highest quality and to open the maximum of each song's potential. Preferred music - popular. Co-founder of Smartmixing.com

Igor Varnavskiy

Six years in music production, Igor has a great experience with analogue equipment.   Being specialized in mastering, Igor is appreciated for his good feel of worldwide music standards.  Has a Master’s degree in sound engineering.  Preferred genres – hip-hop, classics. Co-founder of Smartmixing.com


Five years of working experience with top artists in collaboration with Universal Music. Ivan is appreciated for his feel of how the music should sound.  Being a person devoted to his job, finding  “just that something” in every song and creating a hot radio ready mix is one the top priorities for him. Preferred music – rock, popular. Co-founder of Smartmixing.com