Applying dynamic compression and equalization to the track to optimize it for the playback on all the audio systems.  Mastering is applied for one track only.

Price: $34


By combining the most advanced mixing and mastering methods the song is being creatively processed until the final sound is as wide and enhanced as the sound of any major track played on radio. Both digital and analogue equipment is involved.

Price: $124


The process includes balancing track components, changing frequency content, panning, dynamic boosting, adding effects like reverb, delay  etc. Mix is being processed with digital plugins only.

Price: $69

Advanced Mix

Creative treatment for the whole mix when each separate track is manipulated by an engineer to make the song sound consistent and appealing to the listener. Mix is being processed with digital plug-ins and analogue equipment.

Price: $89


All the components of the song are processed with digital plug-ins, enhanced and balanced to fit the requirements of the final mix. Then the mastering process is applied by using the digital equipment.

Price: $89

Rush orders

If you are getting off- schedule and need to get it done fast and good this service is for you.


If you need to get 8 or more tracks mixed and mastered this service might really come in handy.  By ordering this kind of service not only you get it done in the right terms, but also you save your money.

Price: $920

So what is mastering to begin with? To keep it simple it’s a way to polish your sound and make it the same for all the audio platforms starting from professional concert equipment to the tiny ear plugs in your pocket.

But is audio mastering such a simple process? It might be for a professional, but still there are audio mastering studios all over the world competing for the hottest sounding mix. Just as for mixing there is a particular skill needed to perform this job as a pro. Specifically it differs pretty much, as mastering is a path where you work with compromises. That’s why professional audio mastering is also highly valued in music production business so as the people capable of making those mixes hot and clear.

While surfing the internet you might find a lot of services offering to master a song online, but this automatic process is done with no brains involved. Sometimes this mastering online thing might be enough, but our team is a little too conservative about it.

As a way to experiment we tried ordering online audio mastering from best mastering studios we found and compared it to our final mixes. The results were pretty interesting, as some sounded more balanced in spectrum, some reached a nice level, but lacked dynamics etc. It is a matter of taste, but as our studio prefers analog mastering, we like it tight and crispy while still warm and clear. Thanks to our engineers we can confidently say that we provide one of the best mastering services that can easily handle a competition.

The idea of making mastering affordable is the main feature of our team. We decided on making the professional mastering service cheap for musicians because we saw faces confused with prices for hundreds of times. And still those people were so good! We decided to open an alternative mastering service online to give those talents an opportunity to be heard on the same level as the majors. Why not? It is good for karma.

Song mastering online has its features. There are ways it can be performed. Most of the mastering services offer a “single track” master. They take your song uncompressed and do the magic. We offer two ways:

  • first is the same “single track” mastering service done with analog and digital based equipment;
  • second is mastering stems which involves a more precise work over stems that are basically drums group, instrumental, bass and vocals. This provides our engineers with some better control over the song.

Stem mastering online option helps both sides:

  • it helps us dig in deeply into the song and solve the problems that might not be corrected on a single bounced track;
  • it helps you to achieve better results and have your song done fast.

Whatever option you choose, we promise that the way we do the professional song mastering will leave no one cold.