If you need to get 8 or more tracks mixed and mastered this service might really come in handy.  By ordering this kind of service not only you get it done in the right terms, but also you save your money.

Some stages of the process:

Advanced Equalization, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing using the most advanced technologies, combining the digital and analog methods. Includes auto-tuning and manual tuning of the vocals.

Maximum tracks -  48. ($3 per each additional track)

  • Track cleanup (Analog and  Digital gears)
  • Balancing each individual track’s volume
  • Separation of each musical element
  • Spatial placement of instruments
  • Adding effects to enhance sound
  • Volume, pan, effects, and master bus automation
  • Stereo or mono bounce of final mix
  • Industry Standard Mastering (see above)
  • Acapella Mix
  • Instrumental Mix
  • mp3 & WAV Mixdown
  • Adding Ambience
  • Stereo Widening
  • Bass Enhancement
  • Maximization
  • Dynamic Expansion
  • Fades/Crossfades
  • Text/ISRC Encoding
  • Complete CD Mastering

Terms may be discussed

Price: 920$.

+ 110$ per each additional song


Service name: Album ADVANCED MIX & MASTER (8 SONGS)
Number: -+
Price: $920
Total: $920
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